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        February 22, 2021
        First black hole ever detected is more massive than we thought

        Beijing, China (SPX) Feb 19, 2021
        Cygnus X-1, a binary star system first discovered in 1964, comprises one of the closest black holes to Earth. New observations of this black hole, the first ever detected, have led astronomers to question what they know about the Universe's most mysterious objects. An international team, including researchers from the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC), recently found that the stellar-mass black hole in the Cygnus X-1 binary system has a mass 21 times the ... read more
        New form of crystalline ice may help learn about hydrogen bonds
        Washington DC (UPI) Feb 18, 2021
        Using neutron diffraction, scientists have characterized the crystalline structure of a newly named ice form, ice XIX. ... more
        Supercomputer turns back cosmic clock
        Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Feb 17, 2021
        Astronomers have tested a method for reconstructing the state of the early Universe by applying it to 4000 simulated universes using the ATERUI II supercomputer at the National Astronomical Observat ... more
        Scientists manipulate magnets at the atomic scale
        Lancaster UK (SPX) Feb 15, 2021
        Fast and energy-efficient future data processing technologies are on the horizon after an international team of scientists successfully manipulated magnets at the atomic level. Physicist Dr Ro ... more
        Hubble uncovers concentration of small black holes
        Munich, Germany (SPX) Feb 12, 2021
        Globular clusters are extremely dense stellar systems, in which stars are packed closely together. They are also typically very old - the globular cluster that is the focus of this study, NGC 6397, ... more

        Quantum causal loops
        Brussels, Belgium (SPX) Feb 10, 2021
        Causal reasoning is ubiquitous - from physics to medicine, economics and social sciences, as well as in everyday life. Whenever we press the button, the bell rings, and we think that the pressing of ... more
        A new tool in the search for axions
        Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Feb 05, 2021
        Researchers from the international BASE collaboration at CERN, Switzerland, which is led by the RIKEN Fundamental Symmetries Laboratory, have discovered a new avenue to search for axions--a hypothet ... more
        Charge radii of exotic potassium isotopes challenge nuclear structure theory
        Jyvaskyla, Finland (SPX) Feb 05, 2021
        In nuclear physics so-called magic number are such nuclear proton and/or neutron numbers, for which the nucleus is more stable compared to neighboring isotopes on the nuclear chart. Researchers in b ... more
        How do electrons close to Earth reach almost the speed of light?
        Potsdam, Germany (SPX) Feb 04, 2021
        A new study has found that electrons can reach ultra-relativistic energies for very special conditions in the magnetosphere when space is devoid of plasma. Recent measurements from NASA's Van Allen ... more
        Backreaction observed for first time in water tank black hole simulation
        Nottingham UK (SPX) Feb 02, 2021
        Scientists have revealed new insights into the behaviour of black holes with research that demonstrates how a phenomenon called backreaction can be simulated. The team from the University of N ... more
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        Solving complex physics problems at lightning speed
        Gothenburg, Sweden (SPX) Feb 02, 2021
        A calculation so complex that it takes twenty years to complete on a powerful desktop computer can now be done in one hour on a regular laptop. Physicist Andreas Ekstrom at Chalmers University of Te ... more
        Compelling evidence of neutrino process opens physics possibilities
        Oak Ridge TN (SPX) Jan 27, 2021
        The COHERENT particle physics experiment at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has firmly established the existence of a new kind of neutrino interaction. Because neutrinos are ... more
        Extreme black holes have hair that can be combed
        La Jolla CA (SPX) Jan 27, 2021
        Black holes are considered amongst the most mysterious objects in the universe. Part of their intrigue arises from the fact that they are actually amongst the simplest solutions to Einstein's field ... more
        Nuclear physicist takes a voyage towards a mythical island
        Lund, Sweden (SPX) Jan 27, 2021
        Theories were introduced as far back as the 1960s about the possible existence of superheavy elements. Their most long-lived atomic nuclei could give rise to a so-called "island of stability" far be ... more
        When galaxies collide
        Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Jan 26, 2021
        It was previously thought that collisions between galaxies would necessarily add to the activity of the massive black holes at their centers. However, researchers have performed the most accurate si ... more
        Galaxies hit single, doubles, and a triple growing black holes

        Boston MA (SPX) Jan 25, 2021
        When three galaxies collide, what happens to the huge black holes at the centers of each? A new study using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and several other telescopes reveals new information about how many black holes are furiously growing after these galactic smash ups. Astronomers want to learn more about galactic collisions because the subsequent mergers are a key way that galaxies and the giant black holes in their cores grow over cosmic time. "There have been many studies of what hap ... read more
        Record-breaking laser link could help us test whether Einstein was right
        Perth, Australia (SPX) Jan 25, 2021
        Scientists from the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) and The University of Western Australia (UWA) have set a world record for the most stable transmission of a laser signal ... more

        Scientists find black holes could reach 'stupendously large' sizes
        London, UK (SPX) Jan 22, 2021
        The research, led by Queen Mary Emeritus Professor Bernard Carr in the School of Physics and Astronomy, together with F. Kuhnel (Munich) and L. Visinelli (Frascati), investigated how these SLABs cou ... more
        Search for axions from nearby star Betelgeuse comes up empty
        Boston MA (SPX) Jan 21, 2021
        The elusive axion particle is many times lighter than an electron, with properties that barely make an impression on ordinary matter. As such, the ghost-like particle is a leading contender as a com ... more
        Clocking electron movements inside an atom
        Munich, Germany (SPX) Jan 20, 2021
        An international consortium of scientists, initiated by Reinhard Kienberger, Professor of Laser and X-ray Physics at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), several years ago, has made significant ... more
        Light-controlled Higgs modes found in superconductors
        Ames IA (SPX) Jan 20, 2021
        Even if you weren't a physics major, you've probably heard something about the Higgs boson. There was the title of a 1993 book by Nobel laureate Leon Lederman that dubbed the Higgs "The God Pa ... more
        Evidence of intermediate state of matter between crystal and liquid
        Moscow, Russia (SPX) Jan 20, 2021
        Scientists from the Joint Institute for High Temperatures Russian Academy of Sciences (JIHT RAS) and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) have experimentally confirmed the presence of a ... more
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